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Meet Our Team

Ray Pegram Jr.
Agency Principal

Office: (252) 438-8373
Email: rayjr@tp-agency.com

I started this agency with my father once I completed college proudly from The University of North Carolina State in 1990. After 29 years in this business, I am still thrilled every day to help my customers with all of their insurance needs. I was born and raised right here in Henderson, North Carolina, and I’m very familiar with the local needs and concerns of my fellow citizens, which greatly positions me to always know how to help. When a disaster hits, weather-related or otherwise, I’m always available and able to help my customers get back on their feet and start living again.

Personally, I really enjoy hunting (especially deer & turkey) just to be out in the woods enjoying the sounds and sights of beautiful Mother Nature. I was just recently talked into getting a pontoon boat that has transformed me into a “would be” captain. A free weekend for me would ideally be spent on the boat with my family.

I have been active in this community for several years in helping with church-related activities including the Men’s Shelter and the Acts House. I love to volunteer and give back to my fellow people.

Donna O. Wilder
Agency Representative

Phone: (252) 438-8373
Email: donna@tp-agency.com

I started working at the Pegram Agency on May 10, 1999, and obtained my P&C license in August of 2002. I have over 20 years of experience building relationships with clients and I love helping every one of them with their insurance needs. I enjoy meeting new people and building relationships with them, to assure that all of our customers are well-protected every day. I truly love the great team that I work with here at the Pegram Agency.

I was born and raised in Vance County and graduated from Vance High School in 1986. I then attended a Community college where I studied business.

I truly treasure my family more than anything, and I’m very lucky to live close by to my mother and father as well. I have a son named Tucker and a daughter-in-law named Jordan, along with my beloved 2-year-old granddaughter named Addilyn. We enjoy taking family vacations every year to the beach. Most of my time is spent outside working in my flower garden, playing with Addy in her pool, and cooking on Sundays for the family and watching sports together.

Sam Kempson
Associate Agent

Phone: (252) 438-8373
Email: sam@tp-agency.com

I began my insurance career in 1977 and am licensed in life, property, casualty, health, Medicare, and supplemental insurance, while also holding the title of a broker in North Carolina. What excites me the most about the insurance industry is the ability to protect people against the unknown. At the Pegram Agency, we offer a variety of options that I am more than happy to assist with.

I was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, where I graduated from high school in 1976.

During my off-time, I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my grandchildren. I also love to relax at home and do some pond fishing as well.

Kimberly Burns

Phone: (252) 438-8373
Email: kim@tp-agency.com

I officially began my career as an insurance agent in 2006 when I was licensed in property, casualty, and life insurance, and have loved it ever since. I really enjoy being a part of a team and helping new and old customers with all of their insurance needs.

I was born in Pennsylvania and then moved to North Carolina in the early 1980s. I truly enjoy spending time with my family and my dog as they are closest to my heart. I’m also an avid fan of hosting or attending cookouts along with watching football, especially my Steelers. If I am not at home, I’m often visiting family or shopping.

Teresa Roberson
Personal and Commerical Lines Sales Specialist

Phone: (252) 438-8373
Email: teresa@tp-agency.com

I started in the insurance business when I joined The Pegram Agency 25 years ago. I was born and raised in Henderson NC and hold an Associates in Arts degree from Louisburg College

What most excites me about my role is building relationships with our clients. Being there for them in a time of need is very important to me.

Personally, I really enjoy family time with my husband Terry and our three daughters Chelsey, Tara and Josie. Chelsey and husband Wrenn recently had our first grandchild, Haegan which I can’t stop thinking about.

Weekends are for relaxing, spending time with the family, watching movies and eating ice cream. I absolutely love Christmas music and Christmas movies and enjoy both all year long!!!

I regularly volunteer as part of my church involvement. I am a children’s Sunday School teacher, member of the Womens Ministry and really enjoy visiting our shut-ins and widows.

Tracey Edmonds
Operations Manager

Direct Ph: (919) 692-1515
Ph: (252) 432-2516
Email: tracey@tp-agency.com

My experience and everyday tasks include servicing personal lines policies.

I grew up in Henderson, North Carolina in the Cokesbury community

When it comes to my position, what I enjoy most is meeting people and building strong relationships. Being able to help people during any life-changing events is extremely rewarding.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, and my two fur babies! My all-time favorite way to spend the weekend is on the beach! I also enjoy shopping!

Kenny Abbott
Commercial Lines Agent

Direct Ph: (252) 438-8373
Email: kenny@tp-agency.com

I’m a Commercial Insurance Specialists with 5 years of experience writing all types of Businesses in NC, VA and Washington DC.

I was Born in Henderson and have been working with community businesses for the past 25 years here.

The best contributions I make to my clients is being a more Proactive Agent which enables my clients to prevent a possible loss from occurring along with strong contributions to their growth and success.

Personally, I love spending time with my family. If I’m not working, I’m usually at a golf course, in the yard working or at a ball field. I coach Golf at Vance Charter School.

Cynthia Roman
Agent-Customer Service

I grew up in Florida and have 22 years of experience as a licensed agent

What excites me most about my line of work is being able to make sure my clients are fully covered and able to handle anything life throws at them. I love helping people with their needs.

Personally I enjoy spending time with my family, and God. When I’m not at work, you can definitely find me at home with my family. I also love taking our RV to the lake for the weekends. Something people might not know about me is that I love to sing!

Deborah Dickerson
Customer Service Representative

Although I have only been with The Pegram Agency for a year, I am enjoying my employment with The Pegram Agency.  They are dedicated to their customers as well as their employees.
It has been a pleasure to get to know our clients.
I bring my skills of 26 years of Purchasing and Customer Service from my previous employers.
I have been married for 50 years.  I have 2 sons which have blessed me with 8 grandchildren that I love dearly.  I enjoy spending time with my family.
My interests are reading and beach vacations.  I am a Sunday School teacher for the Junior Class.  I enjoy the challenge of this age and the surprises they can bring. I also enjoy working with Seniors of our church.

Agency Mascot

I am originally from San Diego CA, yes I’m a Cali gal’. Ray, Peggy, Zachary, and Elizabeth Pegram had me flown in July 1st of 2017. The move east has been great for me and my new family has treated me with open arms since I’ve arrived. I have no formal education however I’m capable of receiving treats if I “perform” certain tricks that have been taught to me. If you could not tell yet, I am indeed a lemon beagle which generations past has meant that I chase rabbits with a bunch of other family members.

However, since I have been “domesticated” I only chase squirrels in my yard when I feel up to it. Fortunately for me, I’m cute as a button and generally able to get whatever I want. However, humans figure out quickly that I’m a thinker and considerate of others. I am a loyal loving companion that likes everyone, especially young kids. My enjoyment comes from “lap snuggling”, playing with my toy duck, patrolling the perimeter of my yard for any intruders that I can intimidate, and pontoon boat riding that mainly occurs on the weekend. I truly enjoy snuggling and sleeping on the couch with any of the Pegram’s as they make me feel right at home (that I run by the way).