Helping Those Most Vulnerable

ACTs of Vance County provide basic necessities, assistance for those suffering from domestic abuse, and food for members of our community who are going hungry. We want to help their mission and address the problems of poverty and domestic violence in our communities.

We invite YOU to take action in fostering an environment where individuals can utilize assistance to take active steps toward a more sustainable future for themselves and their families. The most vulnerable around us don’t deserve to live in fear, let’s help them surpass these socio-economic barriers and truly thrive!

In 2020, unemployment rates all across the country have skyrocketed. For some families, this is their first time experiencing extreme hardship due to loss of employment and income. Now, more than ever it’s time to get out of the sidelines and come together to support those who are in a position of extreme vulnerability.

Helping is so much easier than you think! When you recommend someone to our agency for a FREE quote or policy review, we offer to donate $15 on your behalf, and that is for EACH friend.

They just need to receive a quote – there is no obligation to purchase.

Getting involved has never been so simple, or Free!

To Make a Donation Directly CLICK HERE